Serbia-29th Session, January 2018-Violence against women / gender-based violence

National Report

Para 51) We emphasise that with the adoption of the Law on Gender Equality, prevention and protection have been further improved, given that this law defines violence against women as a violation of human rights and in a separate chapter prescribes the prohibition of any form of violence based on gender, sexual characteristics, that is, gender and violence against women in the private and public sphere.

Para 52) The Strategy for the Prevention and Fight against Gender-Based Violence against Women and |Domestic Violence for the Period 2021-2025. Although the legislative and strategic framework has been improved, domestic violence is still one of the key problems in society.

Para 53) Statistical data on the application of the provisions of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence are shown in the abovementioned tables. The establishment of the Register of Abusers and the Central Records of Reported and Processed Cases of Domestic Violence is underway.

Para 54) On the website of the MoJ, there is information on free legal aid, as well as a register of providers of free legal aid, as well as a list of lawyers providing free legal aid.

Para 55) Until September 2022, a total of seven shelters for women victims of violence with a capacity of 110 users (women and children) and 10 SOS telephone service providers for women and girls who experienced violence have been licenced.

Para 56) One of the campaigns carried out by the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality (CBGE) was the one with "Crvena Zvezda" Football Club, 2018 the banner "Stop violence against women" was placed at all Champions League matches played by this team in Belgrade, which was positively evaluated and in the Council of Europe.

Para 57) The REM participated in the preparation of the study entitled "Media Reporting on Violence against Women" and published the results of the analysis on its official website. Recommendations on how to report on violence against women and appropriate journalistic practice were published in November 2019.

Para 58) In the reporting period, the Judicial Academy organised 130 joint training sessions (basic and advanced) for judges, prosecutors and police officers on the topic of domestic violence.

Para 59) 24-hour availability of over 2,000 trained police officers in the field of children's rights and juvenile criminal law and the same number in the field of preventing domestic violence is provided in all police departments and police stations.

Para 79) The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration (CRM) conducts training sessions on Identification of potential victims of human trafficking and Support and protection of migrants in Serbia (introduction to the difficulties and challenges faced by vulnerable groups, especially women, with gender-based violence and its causes,

State under Review
UN Compilation

Para 95) The United Nations country team stated that Roma in Serbia were in a vulnerable position and experienced intersecting forms of discrimination. Gender-based violence and child marriage disproportionately affected Roma women. Older Roma women were among the most vulnerable groups in society and research had found that very few older Roma women had ever reported gender-based violence.

Para 101) … Roma lesbian women had been identified as particularly vulnerable, being exposed to intersectional discrimination and violence, including within their communities and families.

Para 108) The United Nations country team warned that, despite access to State-run services, refugee and migrant children faced heightened risks to their health, well-being and safety, including gender-based violence and trafficking.