• Issue

Entries have been tagged as pertaining to one or more thematic issues related to sexual rights. As with any listing, this one is not exhaustive and contains the category ‘others’. It might be useful to familiarise oneself with the list before starting to use the database. You may also search by entering keywords.

  • Source of Reference

Each UN Member State and Permanent Observer that has made a sexual rights-related intervention in another State’s UPR process is listed here. Member States that have not made a sexual rights-related intervention will not be searchable on the database.

  • State under Review

Each UN Member State that has undergone the UPR process is listed under this heading. Member States that have not been under review will not be searchable on the database.

  • Status

Recommendations made within the UPR are met with a variety of responses by States under Review. States have clearly ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’ recommendations; in some cases, they have provided ‘no response’, in others they have made remarks (not clearly accepting or rejecting the recommendation). In these cases, responses are marked as ‘unclear’. In some cases, States have indicated that a recommendation is ‘partially accepted’ without elaborating whether a specific portion is accepted and the status of the remaining portion.

Excerpted information from UN Compilation and Stakeholder Summary reports that has been neglected in recommendations, voluntary commitments and questions has been marked ‘neglected’. In cases when the State under Review did not follow up with a recommendation, the status is marked as ‘Not followed up with a recommendation.’

Certain recommendations have received mixed responses, i.e., different parts of it might be clearly accepted or clearly rejected, or have received no response or an unclear response. Since multiple responses cannot be recorded for an entry, such recommendations have been split into different entries based on the responses.