Netherlands-27th Session May 2017-Sexual harassment

National Report
Para 44) The Netherlands has toughened its approach to gender-based violence in recent years. Efforts have been made to also involve men in this process. The approach includes improving the safety of women and girls in public spaces. However, recent incidents, including in sport and media contexts, have shown that a broad and active approach to combatting transgressive behaviour is necessary to force a breakthrough. In this context, a national action plan is being developed, focusing on a fundamental change of culture and encouraging societal debate. In April 2022, the Netherlands also appointed a government commissioner for sexually transgressive behaviour and sexual violence to promote cultural change. Para 79) Parliament is currently considering a bill on crimes of sexual violence. This bill provides, inter alia, for the removal of current incompatibilities between the Dutch Penal Code and international human rights law, including the Istanbul Convention. The act is expected to enter into force in 2024. The intervening time is necessary to give the organisations involved, such as the police and the Public Prosecution Service, the opportunity to prepare for its introduction. The act’s entry into force is expected to generate more criminal cases involving rape, online sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. Para 82) … Late 2021, the Dutch Criminal Code was amended to criminalise those who engage in sexual acts with victims of sexual exploitation while knowing or reasonably suspecting that the victims have been forced to engage in this act.
State under Review
Stakeholder Summary
Para 8) Violence against women, including domestic violence, was highly prevalent. Welcoming guidelines developed by the Government in 2021 for a more gender-sensitive and intersectional approach to domestic violence and sexual harassment … Para 9) Cases of sexual harassment often went unreported and victims rarely filed an official complaint. The existing legal framework did not adequately address and prevent sexual harassment. Para 32) JS6 reported on prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual violence.